The cosmetics sector the development of brands, products, possibilities is exponential. Next we are going to point out advice to create a project of sale of cosmetics with possibilities of success.

1. Use Dropshipping
You have access to a multitude of product suppliers, who work with dropshipping. Check conditions and of course do not tie yourself to any provider. Exclusivity is not a good business. Search multimarks and upload ordered and classified products. There are companies that have distributors and are looking for people who want to sell them. The commission is yours.

2.Show Room
Create neighborhood environments where you can expand your business easily. If you have some space use it. If you can not rent premises for hours and with mobile stand create trends. Use combined makeup artists / as giving talks with the possibility of purchasing products.

The difference between some products and others are small and difficult to identify among users. If you manage to make a description that enhances those differences, in this type of products, you will create exactly what the client is looking for. It is a type of product where each client wants to change, try and improve. With text, images or references to videos, you will get attention.

4. I have a Product Catalog, how do I import them?
You can use the bulk loading tools, and also make modifications one by one. It’s simple and fast. If you need to connect with an ERP or an external store, there is no problem. Check the link systems available for any technology.

5. Start selling
the store will be active from the first minute. Remember that with ByComercial you will have your own domain option.

It is very important how to act against packaging. It is so important that we would even need an independent article to comment on this point, but we advance. Use lightweight materials, which are recyclable, use it as a claim. Without plastics Colors. Images. Spend in the packaging and you will get a return, even use it in the descriptions, they are the prelude to a gift. Use fragrances Innova

7. I am already selling, but I need to sell more.
Sure, it’s the big problem. The income stabilizes. You have to invest and professionalize. Invests in brand, in technology, in shipping management, in shopping experience, in advertising, in opening channels. From ByComercial Expert we offer personalized recommendations, taking into account your data of visits, margins, orders. All these data will be available to you in graphics, which will help you improve, and also our improvement system will give you automated trends. If you want more we also have advanced tutoring options.

8. Create a value proposition
Because the client chooses us. It must be something simple. A title: “Because I’m worth it” The cosmetics client is narcissistic, buying for himself, to like, to like. You have to offer that. Individualized product: made for you and for you to be different: better. Power that content in the message and in the background.

9.Sistemas de pago
Los micropagos serán lo habitual en este negocio. Potencia sistemas de pago sencillos y seguros. Recomendamos Bizum para ventas con el catálogo y PayPal para la tienda. Pero si quieres integrar otras, transferencia, TPV bancario,…no hay ningún problema:

Amazon Payments
Google Pay
Merchant e-Solutions
Simplify Commerce

10.Redes Sociales
Claro que hay que usar redes sociales. Comparte enlaces con tus compradores potenciales. Crea estilos, busca microinfluencers mucho más baratos y más efectivos. En ByComercial te enseñamos como mejorar y a contactar con algunos de ellos.

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