To set up an Online Shop of Fashion and accessories you need to read this article.

1.Buy or rent
If your business is selling online, you can choose to develop your own Online Store, with CMS, template, hosting, etc. or rent the use of a platform like ByComercial where you can incorporate your products.

2. “Upload” the products
You have to dedicate time to go incorporating your products to the store. With ByComercial you can do it in bulk or one by one.

3. Brand strategy
Choose a brand for your store, and even if you are a multi-brand company, your buyers will relate to you through that brand. You offer the service.

4. Care with the returns

  • Make an adequate description to avoid them. Photos and text
  • It informs in detail the return system and the costs of the reverse shipment.
  • Create courtesy emails to inform of the order placed, with images. It raises a minimum term of repentance.
  • Sell ​​custom products
  • Create a package of styles with varied sizing with a fee that integrates the return of what is not wanted.
  • Create a sizing confirmation system. It can be a question of the form, or an identifier of a photo, etc.
  • Analyze the causes of returns and improve the shopping experience.
  • Includes a labeling system that avoids the use and return of products. Avoid fraud.
  • Creates identification system of sizes, recommendations, advice, …

5. Sell where there is more demand.
There are countries with a level of spending on fashion in decline, but there are others in growth. For example, countries with an aging population are decreasing their level of spending on fashion in favor of other sectors such as leisure, restaurants. But there are other countries where your spending increases.

6. Crossed products.
It’s a classic, but fashion and accessories go hand in hand. If you want to sell fashion, you have to consider invested margins and replacement products. That is, sell to compete with established brands. A possible strategy is novelty, exclusivity, what is out of range, etc.

7. Use SEO tools
The catalyst for all online success is SEO. Slow, complicated and without shortcuts, but effective. Use the SEO options of ByComercial and boost your store.

8.Use the virtual catalog
Use everything you have at your fingertips. The virtual catalog of ByComercial will make it possible to use commercials to sell. The control of the commercials is so effective and simple that it will be a tool that you will want to use, and it will differentiate you from any other competitor that only uses the internet or a physical store.

9. Activate external commercial
Remember that commercials do not have to be professional, because you can create sales commissions. Selling is your goal.

10. More wood
Use the power of the tool to create more stores and control them all in a simple way. Using many stores is possible and does not pose the error of “apprentice of much …”, because the user mistrusts what sells everything. You can not give a correct service or at least a premium service.