The brand image is also SEO, and is powered by SEO. But it is essential to do it with time and without haste, because a medium-long term development that seeks just the inverse of what a landing would do. The problem is that everything is imitable, and on the internet even more. If your product is on the internet, it will be copied, cheapened, modified, altered, etc. The only way to survive is to create the sale by brand, where the client will not change, no matter how much cheaper and almost the same thing is offered.

Creating a brand is expensive.
It is probably what comes first in your head, but if we think of it as the only system to differentiate you effectively, that effort is very profitable. Imagine including a brand in a very atomized environment, with many options, price, and any additional attribute. The brand will allow investing in concepts, in target, in other related products, in a symbol that must be promoted.

The brand comes first
Before creating the product or create the brand before. That rhetorical question is the mistake of a beginner in entrepreneurship. If I believe that the product and I have no brand, the product will enter into dissolution with everything that appears simultaneously.

Without a brand you will be at the mercy of Big Data, and you already know that against that only the calculation power that only a few can afford will be effective. The brand is inimitable, unapproachable, different, includes emotions, something that can not be imitated, digitized, or analyzed easily.

I already have a brand but I do not sell
Obviously, having a brand does not imply success, it is not the paradigm of selling, but it offers options that avoid that in a short time all your effort and talent is diverted to marketplace, versions, or even to other manufacturers or suppliers that enhance your brand .

This is very common with successful products, where alternatives are available everywhere, and if the product is not identified with the brand it is impossible to face this avalanche.

A brand for everything
If you have more than one product, using the same brand can benefit by simplifying the client’s decisions, but it can also be confusing. That’s why it can be an option to use brand names that are brand-name compositions, or categories.