The initial investment of any entrepreneur E-commerce, which is thinking of selling their own products or doing DropShipping is the cost of starting and over the base technology to sell online.

The cost of an online store varies a lot from what we look for and hopefully.

1.Web Design
We will have to choose a technology that allows us to upload products, prices, etc. continuously and that is not complex. Currently there are many options WordPress, Magento, Joomla, Prestashop, …. These options are usually templates that adapt and have modules for everything we need. They need designers, programmers and some knowledge to implement in a hosting that we also need. Its cost will be that of hiring a company or technician to do the work.
From € 300 -2,000 € + hosting + maintenance
SEO not included

2. Pay-per-use companies.
In the market there are companies to create your online store more or less easily, paying a small fee, usually associated with a% sales. This means that if your store is successful, part of the success will be shared.

3. ByComercial
You can create your Online Store of up to 100 free products, associated with a Virtual Catalog (app) to sell through commercials. If you need more products you will have to subscribe a payment plan. But your success will always be yours.

How do I promote my online store of ByComercial?
You have internal tools to activate a premium SEO (annual and bi-annual versions), and you can contact ByComercial Expert to improve SEO, SEM, Social Networks.

What if I need a different design?
Every time you need to change something, design, for example you can use the available management tools or establish contact with the support.

What if I do not need the telematic payment?
If you are a distributor or wholesaler, your clients are professionals. For this you have the ByComercial app for commercial sale, but you will have a web environment for those customers to make their own orders.

I have thousands of products that change prices continuously. How do I do it?
If you have many products you can not use systems based on pdf, drive, mail, or whatsapp. You need power, access without internet, intelligent synchronization, multiprecios, edition of orders, individual association of commercials, changes in real time, control of stocks, ….

What is the ByComercial app for?
You can download the ByComercial app and you will have a virtual catalog for commercial sales management. You can control sales, sales (orders), manage the products to sell, categories, customers, … this system in itself is a unique tool for direct sales for professionals.

Control of commercials?
Geolocation, order statistics, geolocation of orders, product allocation, price allocation, history, …