Email Marketing
Keeping in touch with your customers by email and making campaigns using email still works. Be careful not to be heavy, and strengthen interest and presence. It is recommended to send mail when they are necessary, when there is some contingency, delay, to announce some offer, to announce changes in some legal aspect, …. Here you have some keys.

Search for subscribers to feed your searches
Subscribers are the foundation of your online business because they are people who already have an intention to buy. You have to get users to subscribe, email marketing is more alive than ever, and it’s effective!
You can use platforms like Mailchimp or Mailrelay, both with free and paid versions.

Crea boletines que aporten valor en el spam
It is very dangerous to “annoy” users with continuous e-mails. The right dose is hard to get. Don’t send the same newsletter to all your subscribers. The data is there for you to use intelligently. If you are going to talk about a product that some users have already bought, don’t send it to them.

Email marketing is only effective with the right segmentation, otherwise you will begin to encounter hard bounce rates, with the consequent drop in your database.

Relevant links and internal links
Relevant pages: Some are more relevant than others. Surely those of product sale are for you. Obviously. Take advantage of the blog in this way: generate good content and link to a related product. You will create a “spider web” that will interconnect your website, with Google considering the linked pages as important.

Create ads

The latest changes in social network and search engine algorithms mean that using different options to advertise will go from being a trend to being a necessity. Which ad platform is better? We advise you to select with an expert in online marketing an ad campaign in the different platforms, taking into account factors such as:

Target audience
Requirements calendar
click vs branding
Positioning Announcements
Memory Announcements
Advertisements as market research

Marketing investment (and we claim the word investment) should not be wasted. If specialists don’t do it, a lot of money will probably be lost in testing, verifying and giving the intended focus.

Choose the right payment platform
Where is your target audience and potential customer? On Google, on Facebook, on Twitter, on Youtube? Sure they are, they are in all of them, now you have to find the best way to segment them and see if you are able to reach them in those pages and then see if they buy from you.

Text search ads
Use the Google Adwords search network to create text ads so that users can find you when they search on Google for your products. You will have to optimize your campaigns very well in order to appear in the first positions of the search engine and increase your visibility compared to your competitors.

This kind of ads can give you very good results since users have already started a search process for a product, so they show some interest in it.

Wanted display ads for Branding
Within Google Adwords you can also take advantage of the display network to direct your banner or image ads to users who are visiting other websites.
With this advertising you will be able to increase the visibility of your products and reach potential clients, since you will be able to make very specific segmentations by selecting where you want your ad to appear. For example:

  • You can segment by topic and target advertising to websites related to your business.
  • You can segment by users’ interests and target ads to websites that match those interests.
  • Another type would be segmentation by keywords and, in this case, targeting websites related to those words.
  • And manual targeting of specific websites that you select.

Twitter Ads
It will allow you to create advertising campaigns on Twitter based on the actions you want users to do: start following you, download an application, visit your website, interact with a tweet, etc. As they are very new, right now they are very cheap.

At all times you have very interesting reports and analyses on the results, visits and evolution of the campaign.

Facebook Ads
Facebook has a different way of advertising. Instead of advertising for certain searches, you advertise for a certain profile with certain tastes and details. This way you can advertise according to sex, age, tastes, studies, address, relationship, family, etc. You will have to incorporate the tracking pixels.

Use remarketing

You know those ads that appear as a reminder of products you’ve already seen? That’s what I’m talking about.

Remarketing shows you products that you have seen before on some web page, where a Cookie was saved for you that indicates this. It is one of the most fashionable ads and allows you to advertise only to those who already know you. It can be used to make some kind of discount or offer that gives you a new and more reason to buy.

Analyze users and visits. Ways to do it

From time to time, you should measure the results of your entire online strategy to see if you are doing well or if you need to make some improvements.

Google analytics
Free and complete analysis as much as possible. It can be linked to your online store through plugins (if you work with WordPress) or by inserting code into your website. Data about where the traffic to your shop comes from, permanence, pages, conversions and a lot of other things, you’ll get it using this platform.

Social network statistics
The statistics offered by social networks will help you to check if your strategy is the right one. You will study who your ambassadors are, who you talk to and who they recommend. On the other hand, you will see which contents work best for you and which ones achieve the greatest virality and visits to the web.
Your own tools like Twitter Analytics, Facebook Insights and Youtube Analytics are great. But you also have other tools that group all the accounts and allow you to create reports quickly: like Hootsuite, SproutSocial, Pirendo, Sumall

Measure conversion and analyze how much it costs you to sell on different platforms

So you see which platform is the most profitable and what volume you get with each one. Do you know what the CPA (cost per acquisition: is the total cost invested in promoting a website to get a sale) and the CPC (cost per click) are? When you look at analytics and make ads, you’ll come across acronyms like these. Appropriate CPA values are around 0.5-1% especially if the CPC is between 5-20%. That means we should not be obsessed with clicks if sales are productive. And compare it to other forms of promotion or commissions.

Consider the ROI as the return on investment. How much has it cost you to achieve a sale through each platform? Has it been profitable? Which is the most profitable? How much volume of sales can we achieve with each one? Data analysis is fundamental to know if I am interested in promoting different forms of promotion, even offline.

Customer Service

Listening to the customer, caring for them, meeting their needs and making things easy for them remains a fundamental part of any business.

There are online chat tools that allow for easy implementation of customer service or support. Another way is whatsapp, used by millions of people and that if you are in the mobile environment is even better.

Check that you can meet your deadlines
If your website says that delivery will be made in three days, please comply. Otherwise your reputation will suffer. This is something you should be clear about before launching your online store. Transport companies, costs, viability in other communities or countries different from yours. If it’s a downloadable product, the same thing: secure download links, automation of shipping after payment is received.

Optimizes and facilitates the form of payment

  • It offers different payment options. It’s not just a Paypal button. There are different payment platforms and each one has different commissions. Evaluate which ones suit you, percentages in different products, compensation of expenses by commission. A whole world.
  • Check the usability of your payment platform. Have you seen Amazon One Click Shopping? I’m not telling you to imitate it, but the route from selecting and adding a product to finishing is short. Most of the abandonment of purchase in an online store happens in this last phase.

Money-back guarantee
What if when I receive the product in my house it is not what I expected? Will I get my money back? The answer must always be YES. It is the only way to generate confidence in the buyer, to let them know that at all times you are willing to make their experience completely satisfactory.
What is the best way to reduce your return rate? Detailed product sheets, clear and concise purchasing process, offers without the possibility of doubt. The clearer everything is, the less chance for customer error.