A franchise management system must allow you to control the stores of a franchise independently.

The product has been developed with the purpose of improving the management for franchises and chains of stores that have a Head Office and multiple Franchisees or Points of Sale. It was developed under the analysis of the main needs of both the Franchisers and the Franchisees, where the former require more and more information and significant data for decision making and the latter feel even more independent.

Constant growth

Centralization of everything

Possibility of establishing door-to-door commercial network systems

Central Billing System Integration

To have an efficient system of shipments between stores and warehouse.

You can manage the prices, quantities and references of each of the products. The Central will be able to manage changes that will automatically be reflected in each point of sale.
Purchasing Module
The purchasing management module is responsible for speeding up the acquisition of products and services. In addition, it creates and tracks purchase orders, stores your supplier data and controls the reception process. In short, we are talking about traceability.

Warehouse Module
This module works with all areas and procedures of the warehouse, which increases performance in the reception of raw materials, storage, management and dispatch of orders.

  • Multi-Storage per Franchisee
  • Stock Control by Franchisee
  • Central/Franchised Inventory/Total
  • Use of Attributes ( Size and Color)
  • Movements between warehouses
  • Brands, Families and Subfamilies
  • Serial Numbers
  • Batch and Expiration Control
  • Composition of Kits
  • Product images
  • History
  • Compatible with Barcode Reader
  • Label Printing
  • Label Editor
  • Digital signature of delivery notes
  • Carriers
  • Customer and supplier rates
  • Control of Stock of the Central/Franchise
  • Inventory, multiple reports
  • Multi-Storage per Franchisee
  • Entry Forms
  • Delivery Notes
  • Regularizations
  • Movements between warehouses
  • Updating of products xls

Sales Module
This module has the options of: adding, modifying and locating customer records, as well as making quotes and sales orders directly.

Franchise Management

  • Franchisee Fees and Rates
  • Management of Orders to Central
  • Invoicing to the Franchisee
  • Document personalization
  • Role and Access Control
  • Customers, Suppliers, Contacts and Franchisees
  • Franchisee Prices and Rates
  • Customer delegations
  • Vendor Quotes and Orders
  • Delivery Notes and Vendor Invoices
  • Quotations and Customer Orders
  • Delivery notes and customer invoices
  • Proforma Invoices
  • Management of collections and payments (Maturity)
  • Management of Orders to Central
  • Franchisee Billing Process
  • Franchisee Prices and Rates
  • Periodic Invoices
  • Working parts, possibility to invoice them
  • Agents, zones and commission settlement
  • Full document personalization
  • Multi-currency
  • Multi-language
  • Management of Roles by User and Franchisee
  • Imports from Excel
  • Exports to PDF and Excel.

TPV Tienda Física

  • Customizable Tickets by Store
  • Opening and arching of the box
  • Returns and Voucher Management
  • Gift Vouchers
  • Multiple POSs per Franchisee
  • Barcode Reading
  • Ticket Editor
  • Multiple POSs per company
  • Cash tonnage
  • Total returns
  • Partial Returns
  • Convert to Invoice
  • Cash collection, card
  • Direct stock inquiry
  • Products with Attributes (e.g. Size and Color)
  • Ticket Cancellations
  • Sales with/without VAT included
  • Reorder lines on the ticket
  • User Change
  • Specific Roles

Online Shop

  • Integrated with the ERP of the Franchise
  • Design for retail
  • Content Management
  • Addons: Payment, Logistics, Amazon…
  • Optimized for search engines

General control panel

  • Sales by Franchisee
  • Franchise Statistics
  • Configurable by user and stores

Cloud storage
By being in the Cloud you will always have access to all your information safely at any time and place

Product Synchronization
Any changes you make to products will automatically be reflected in your franchisees’ stores. You can also set special prices for your franchisees.

Automated orders
Your franchisees will be able to place orders with you and these will be automatically registered in your software and can be dispatched automatically.