Dual selling as the basis of productivity is the future. To have online sales and direct sales systems, with the best management software.

Some numbers:

-Each year, direct sales increase between 4-5% in Europe and already exceed 38,000M euros. Especially in Germany.
-In Latin America the number of direct sales is much higher than in other regions, due to the nature of the commercial behaviour in those areas. It is estimated that around 5MM people are dedicated to catalogue sales in this wide area.
-The decline in localised retail (reference stores) has meant that direct sales in certain sectors are the counterpoint.

Tips to Improve your Sales Processes
The sales process is complex despite having a good product, making a good presentation, having a lot of experience, because problems and singularities always appear. The best sales platform is human management and creativity.

Innovating is important, but also improving what already exists, because learning is complex and the user wants to see what he is used to in certain things.
Sales, or the sales department, commercial or whatever you want to call it, is perhaps the most difficult part of any company, because it is the company’s income. Especially the sale is to finish is an act that gives meaning or all the previous work, of all the large or small structure of the company.

You need to be motivated
Companies do not buy because of the name of the supplier or a brand, but because of the people with whom they manage to establish a relationship. This depends both on where you and your buyer are geographically located and on your background. Knowing the country of origin, culture and context in a business relationship makes the difference in putting arguments on the negotiating table.

Execute effective monitoring
To strengthen the relationship and move to the next phase of negotiation, an effective monitoring habit has to be developed. To explain this, let us consider a hypothetical situation where a negotiation is established with clients in Europe or Asia. In these cases we know in advance that the follow-up after a meeting must be focused on specific points such as cost, value and budget, in addition to marking the next steps to be taken. However, when speaking in an environment of Spain or Latin America we must keep in mind how we will continue the business relationship. In order to do so, it is important to know the details, because these are the ones that will have more weight when our client makes a final decision.

We must always look for the human side
The human side is insistence. Although salespeople love to talk about the benefits of their product, their competition and the reasons why the purchase should be made, extensive talk is not the best strategy for generating a sale. On average, the customer retains only two or three of the elements that are said during a demonstration.

Conversational Interaction
We have to make sure that the presentation is a conversation. If a sales professional speaks for an hour without the client extending his or her opinion, examples or perspective, it is due to a loss of attention during the demonstration. Turning the presentation into a conversation allows us to receive feedback on the customer’s perception, so we can make sure that we are providing better attention on their part.
In conclusion, the key to a good business demonstration can focus on three aspects: preparation, personalization and conversational interaction. Focus your actions so that your presentation highlights the qualities and reasons for purchase and thus help the customer to make a purchase decision.
First and foremost, get to know your prospect and prepare a demonstration that aligns with their goals and objectives. To do this, discover the qualities and guidelines with which they identify. Then, personalize your demonstration and focus on getting your message across according to their objectives.
Finally, make sure your demonstration is done through a dialogue and not a monologue. Get the customer’s opinion as an indicator of their buying interest. Follow these three tips and you will have better results in your commercial demonstration.