Let’s clarify how the subject of domains works with ByComercial.

1. I have domain in external hosting.
You have several options:
Continue with the domain in your hosting and redirect your store (internal link bycomercial) to that domain.
Continue with the domain in your hosting and make DNS changes.
By contracting the annual and biannual plans you can request a transfer of ownership, maintaining ownership. The migration process of hosting and associated email accounts will cost € 99 (VAT n.i.)
The integrated hosting in plans A and B (annual and biannual) has the following characteristics:

10 email accounts up to 1 Gb in total
Password management
Account management webmail panel
The renewal of the domain will be included in the renewal of the annual and biannual Plans A and B.

2. I do not have self-control
You can keep your store in the internal domain bycomercial that we generate automatically.
You can request the acquisition of a .com domain (subject to availability) hiring the annual and biannual plans you can request a domain transfer, maintaining the ownership. The cost of the purchase is € 19 (VAT n.i.). Hosting hosting is described above. The hosting process will start after 15 days from the hiring of plans A or B, annual and biannual.

How is the migration made to bycomercial?
The migration process to our hosting is based on the transfer request and subsequent authorization of the hosting of origin. We never change the ownership of it. We make migrations of any extension, but if it requires an additional processing it will be pre-priced.

What if I want to leave bycomercial?
Bycomercial has no permanence. If you want to make the domain migration, you have to make the request by mail. We will perform the necessary checks and activate the process, opening the external migration window. This process will be managed by the client. In this case, bycomercial will be limited to allow migration. No security copies associated with the domain will be sent, including emails.

Backup copies of my mails, how do I do it?
We recommend that you use any download tool with any email manager: OutLook, Thuntherbird, etc.

How much time do I have to do the migration?
If your annual or biannual account has been completed and you renew it, you will have 15 days to complete the migration. Once these 15 days have passed, we will initiate the process of deletion of data and elimination of any information related to the user according to the data protection regulations of the U.E.

Do I have access to the hosting folder?
No. Security is our main service objective and no external agent is allowed to access.

All the information indicated above is subject to availability and the general and specific conditions of the services included in the legal texts. This information is for informative and non-contractual purposes, and may be modified, adapted or extended, if necessary.