It is every salesperson’s dream to get salespeople, professional or not, to sell to them. No salesperson is opposed to paying commissions for the sale of their products. But how to do it?

Well, with online shops you can use salespeople to market your products in different ways.

Discount coupons

The online shop allows you to use discount coupons for external sellers to promote products to third parties, controlling at all times who has made each promotion and being able to reward the seller with other discounts, micro payments, or any other incentive. This system is already used by many online shops, and bycomercial uses it in a very powerful way in their online shops. Remember is a tool to sell online and offline.


This is something new. Using non-professional sales reps to sell your products in exchange for mini commissions. How? With the sales reps sales app that is synchronised with the online shop. You can control everything, segment your sales reps by categories, they don’t see each other’s customers, they will only sell what the online shop manager wants them to. The salesperson, on the other hand, gets commissions for selling in his environment, and can also get discounts. Difficult to get salespeople? Nowadays there are many people willing to earn micro incomes, you just have to look for them among your customers and acquaintances.