The system of local sale combined with online as a business future. That is the purpose of tools such as bycomercial that change the concept of the sale and the entrepreneur.

China eat us
We can not compete on price, but sell on the price of others. If you buy something, improve it and sell it, you will take advantage of globalization. Many of the achievements of the electronics industry is to manufacture cheap components, modify them and sell them later. If that modification implies an inimitable improvement this system favors you.

It is the magic word. Because everything changes and is changing, and will continue to do so, with which opportunities arise and old ways of selling disappear and disappear.

Is it the same to sell from home to sell at home?
No, in the first case we have tools to share the products in a simple way, how are social networks, chat, etc. If we have time and want to make money from home, we use our environment to offer products with our personal guarantee.

What can we offer that is different from buying in an online store?
We have already searched for the product and we can also search for it. Time is money, and if someone who trusts our criteria needs something, we look for it and offer it to them. Hours and hours to analyze, see prices, offers, sizes, colors, and then we ask someone what they think. I need external approval to close a purchase with full satisfaction. This is what we have called in ByComecial Inverse Empathy: if you give me the ok my friends, relatives, or someone that we consider with discretion and taste, our purchase is reaffirmed.

What do I win?
A commission of course. Doing something for nothing is doing it badly. Nobody is surprised and will reject that when you offer a product implicit a commission. There is also the management of the order, and even the delivery. Of course if something goes wrong we respond and that has to be paid for.

But what do I have to do?
Register with ByComercial and select my plan. look for a supplier, sell my products or both. Select a store name Upload the products to the platform. Download the app if I want to sell outside the home, as if I were a professional commercial. Put a sales commission, and sell. Once the order was generated, it was forwarded to the supplier, and then I managed the delivery, direct, through me, etc.

How much do I have to invest?
Up to 100 products, nothing. All the users that you want. Online Store and Virtual Catalog.

That I have to do?
Upload items to sell
Promote my products

What payment system can I use?
With the FREE version you can only deploy payment systems such as PayPal, Bizum, transfer, etc. Does not support bank POS.