Most online stores think that if they don’t sell, it’s because of SEO. Poor marketing is to blame for their woes. But it is possible that in many cases marketing is a transversal tool that supports the rest of the strategies, and that without the other actions does not allow progress.
This is the case of online stores that are emerging to be able to sell when the situation prevents doing so in person, or preparing to receive orders by telematic means. It is not a business that thinks about investing huge amounts in positioning products or brand. In this case it is about positioning the domain name, location and little else. In this case, marketing is more about having real, up-to-date information, picking up the phone if they call, answering messages, etc.

It’s important:
-Send a clear and simple message
-Clear access to products
-Simple purchase process or order creation
-Contact details
-Proximity marketing through social networks
-Shipping or collection information

With that well defined, the sale by local online shop would be solved.

You have to look for a monthly fee, without permanence, including everything: domain, hosting,… It is possible to find free versions for a time and/or with limitations. The important thing is to be able to compare the jump to the paid version, whose amount does not exceed the quota of a mobile line.

Does this replace my physical store?
No, it’s a complement, but very necessary. Publishing 20-30 products, and that a customer can place an order, pay for it and pick it up or pick it up and pay for it, is essential.

Why not use whatsapp or Facebook?
It’s an option, but picking up orders, and questions, answers,… well if anyone wants to try it they can follow this system. provides an online shop system for sales or retail orders. Try it out and digitize your business quickly and easily.