offers SMEs digital and ecommerce solutions to facilitate their technological transformation

Despite the fact that Spain has the most extensive fibre network in Europe, Spanish companies, particularly small ones, are facing technological change. However, digitalisation is no longer an option but a necessity if SMEs are to respond adequately to the demands of their customers, who are Internet users. To remain in a market as threatened as the current one by the coronavirus crisis, it is essential that they make progress in modernising their businesses.
Digital sales systems have diversified and expanded. SMEs must strive to initiate broader sales processes with the use of digital shops, sales with affiliates, dropshipping of products where cross-selling is possible. In this sense, proposes customization options based on pre-assembled tools that will allow for greater speed.
Digital technology is the key to survival and involves transforming the company, updating the functional areas that make it up, processes, strategy, business models, products, marketing, objectives …
It is no longer a question of taking specific measures to save emergency situations, such as a pandemic, but of moving to a more flexible business that adapts to new consumer habits and new customer needs.

Investing to survive

Aware of these shortcomings, has made available to SMEs and freelancers a set of digital and e-commerce solutions in order to facilitate their technological transformation. Solutions ranging from the creation of an online shop to increase sales, to the availability of a platform that centralizes all orders from different marketplaces around the world, which streamlines and facilitates the management and shipping with the integration of the shipment management system with different logistics companies that integrate

Commercials for retail sale

Many of these digitisation processes focus on copying and competing with what already exists, without assessing options that improve the sales process with options that are already available. With you can streamline your sales force with a network of your own salespeople, if you already have several sales agents on staff, or commission agents. In addition, it is very simple to assign categories, prices, customers independently, so that controlling the sales process is easy.
You can create a sales network of 10-20 people with a minimum of commitment in a short time.
Minimal learning curve. The associated sales app requires no more than 5 minutes to learn how to use it.
Cost of more commercials 0. If they are commercials by commission.
The commercials allow us to offer a service that an online shop will never give, because they offer the possibility of humanizing the sale, bringing the options closer to the client and above all, providing advice. This sales system, which is used at a B2B level with unqualified success, is also useful as B2C, since in large marketplaces it is very difficult to obtain an optimum response in a short time, that is, to search and find without spending much time comparing, looking at comments, options, etc. That is why we let ourselves be recommended by people who tell us which is the best option to buy. The price is important but the time spent is also important.
All services are designed for any SME or self-employed person, whatever their business or sector. In you can register local producers, as well as in the wider solutions of ecommerce.
With, anyone can create their own online shop with an ecommerce solution for SMEs, freelancers and entrepreneurs who want to start selling on the Internet easily, without having technical knowledge; there is also the possibility of accessing a custom design. In this case, the philosophy is: ‘You tell us your idea and we make it a reality’.
The presence in the network and the notoriety of the company in the online world is as important as the image that is transmitted of it. Having a website allows you to reach potential customers and position yourself in search engines. offers SMEs 3 options: Free, to have a presence on the Internet at no cost, and plan A, to enjoy your own domain, and plan B as your needs increase.