The sales system by salesmen has made a qualitative leap. With ByComercial’s virtual catalogue technology you can have hundreds of sales representatives to whom you can assign different product categories if necessary, with different prices, to control their sales and group them into higher level profiles. In this way you can have a very wide network, in a very simple way.

-Capturing commercials
-Assignment of categories/products

The tool is designed with a clear purpose. It has to be simple to use. That is why complex commissioning systems, endless settings, configurations, etc. are not incorporated as standard. It is as simple as giving a dossier to the salesperson with the products and prices at which you can sell. The commissions, the assignment of regions of activity, etc… is something that we leave to the user to manage, and if he needs to integrate it, it is available. As for the learning of the app by the commercial, it takes 10 minutes.


We can classify and control all the commercials you want. A commercial doesn’t have to be an exclusive agent. He can be working with several companies, and market different types of products.

The commercials may be geolocated. It’s something that can be useful for commercials on the payroll. In other cases it may simply be a possibility.

This possibility of using tablet memory (android) to create orders, in the era of hyperconnectivity seems very unhelpful. But if the catalog has thousands of products, with thousands of images, the loading, and speed of generating an order is 80% faster. If time is money, the time it takes to sell much more. With 4G, 5G or wifi…there is no color in the speed with which thousands of products can be shown to a customer.
Commercials are the perfect complement to an online shop or physical store because they can work selling products with margin, commission or salary.