The most powerful sales tool with commercials is the one that you have the most personalized. That is, the estimated time to create an order is shorter. Therefore, multi-company versions do not work, with infinite options that we may not need (for sure).

  • The time is gold
    If in less than 10 seconds you do not find our commercial, the product you are looking for is useless. That is why the order generation process should be in a few clicks.
  • Filters
    the necessary but no more. They take up space and you can’t work with too many things to select. It is so important that there is what you need, as that it does not seem like everything. As an example, the best travel websites, sales, spend huge amounts of money to find out what is left over… not what is missing. Putting is easy.
  • Order time
    The time to make an order, and especially simple or repetitive, no more than 60-90 seconds. Clients have little time and the stopped commercial does not generate. More visits more orders.
  • New commercials
    If the tool is not learned in 15 minutes, it is not well designed. A sales tool should be so easy to learn that it doesn’t have to be explained.