The online sales strategy is massified and is an environment of constant struggle. By the growth of users, sales, but this growth is driven by the wide range of products, and especially by the offer of large groups of marketplace: Amazon, alExpress,…

In an environment as competitive as the current one, online sales seemed like the promised land of any new or old seller, who with “little investment” would manage to increase his sales stratospheric without any problem.
But nothing could be further from the truth. The big sales groups have become sales monsters, impossible to contain, with all the available information. In addition, in the past, department stores attracted customers by size or location, but small stores could be set up in remote locations, seeking proximity to the customer, exclusivity, and so on. Nowhere near that. The delivery goes everywhere, and so does the internet.

Will every physical store and every online store, other than Amazon, disappear?

Well, that is the strategy of these companies, but in order to avoid it everyone will have to enter into their own struggle, with brands, patents, customer service, luxury, etc.

Ways to sell
-With Online Store + Catalogue within the same platform to use own or external commercials.
-Each commercial is independent (prices, products, …) geolocalized
-No need for internet.
-Massive loading of thousands of products, customers, … in seconds.
-Ordering of products.
-Stock control
-Online sales or order generation
-Product presentation designed to optimize sales. Loads more than 500 products in 4 seconds, and can be displayed even faster.

It’s not just about digitizing the sales process, it’s about making it very fast. If you take 20 seconds to display a product, the tool is not good. If you take months to incorporate 300 products, you’re not buying time. If you take more than 10 minutes to explain how it works to a commercial, is that it will never learn, because it is too complex.