Online Business
If your business is online, is based on an online store, ecommerce, think of a free tool (see conditions), easy to use, immediate, self-manageable, scalable, etc., to create your online business. There are few options in the market. Designed for entrepreneurs, people with initiative, with many ideas. It allows you to combine any other activity at least at the beginning, before you see that you can live from online sales.

Physical business. Direct sale.
If your business is direct sales, you are a wholesaler, distributor, commercial, you need to digitalize your sales, eliminate paper catalogs, printers, delivery notes, and go to virtual catalog, online, send orders electronically, control the commercials, this is your tool. You can try it for free, and increase your plan depending on the number of products.

But the best thing is that both systems are compatible.

Web for wholesale
If you need a website for wholesale, for your professional customers, to generate the order, but not necessarily there is telematic payment, this is your tool.

Everything synchronized
Catalogue + Wholesaler Web
Catalogue + Online shop

Massively upload products
You can upload thousands of products with a csv file in seconds

Synchronize with ERP
Allows API´s to synchronize other tools

5 steps

  1. Register
  2. Select your store
  3. Upload products
  4. Your shop is ready to sell

Uhhh, wow, in just 4 steps… incredibly fast.