-Franchise. Allows you to manage several stores and their supply chain with a single system.
-Distributors. Allows you to sell to multiple customers with multiple exclusive prices for each one.
-Physical stores with stock control and sales terminals.
-Capacity to control transport and internal traceability.
-Online store, with SEO, related products, discount coupons,…
-Warehouse, to distribute the products internally or externally.
-Stock control and inventory control
-Mass loading of products.
-Virtual catalogue for own or external commercials. Online and Offline.
-Do you need others to sell your products?
-Do you want to sell other people’s products?


Billing module.
Custom modules available.
Statistics module.
Quality control module.
Saas. Pay per use. Customized service licenses.

Control everything from the same system, with a scalable system. Contract and configure only what you need, without using the rest of the elements.

Quality Control

You have a module to control the traceability of the products, their documentation.

Productivity control

To control the times of processes, of an activity, how long it takes an operator to carry out his work, time control, etc.
Assigning tasks.
More information at https://bycuality.com

Time control

Workplace access control. A system is available to control the tasks and times that each worker is

Fleet management

Control of the position of people and vehicles. GPS control system with battery and data spending efficiency.