Having a sales network in the sector of perfumery and aesthetics for sale to stores and even to the direct customer allows us to compete with high quality brands without a large investment in advertising.

There are brands or distributors that bet on this system of sale by catalog to reach more and more potential customers of proximity, but use obsolete catalog systems, printed, or in pdf. With ByComercial you can make sales possible anywhere and in a simple way.

  • Improve position changes within the catalog to show the most interesting products.
  • To be able to search within the catalog in a simple way.
  • Review previous orders, to repeat or compare.
  • When you work on mobile you can offer it anytime, anywhere, even share on social networks.
  • This system makes selling like displaying a screen, without heavy outdated catalogs, or loading websites with high data consumption and slow.

Five reasons why to use it in perfumery and cosmetics.

  1. Customers want your recommendations, of use, brand, personal.
  2. Offers.
  3. I do not have time and I prefer you to advise me.
  4. Clients do not need a credit card, they ask for it and the salesperson hands them over.
  5. If I like it, I’ll buy more.