If you try to imitate Amazon, then Amazon wins. This simple and easy to understand premise is not applied by most E-commerce entrepreneurs, who strive to follow the lead of the leader, and in the end fall into their clutches.

As experts in online marketing and sales management, we offer you 5 tips to try to make your sales idea a profitable business.

1. Take care of your business model

The business model is what differentiates your company and that is right in the middle position between strategy and tactics within the decisions of any company. If your strategy is the transport of passengers, your business model may be the transport of passengers by plane, but your business model will be very different if you are Iberia or Ryanair. The difference between one and the other can be the difference between profitable and unprofitable.

2. Compete in price

If your idea is to compete on price you will not be able to survive being small. The big marketplace already know that and will exploit your partial success, letting you experience a boost and do your A / B tests, which they will then capitalize on. Show interest in what you can offer that is beyond your reach

3. Added value

It is the magic word of every conference of entrepreneurs. It seems that it is easy and half an hour we can invent how to create added value to a product. Nothing is further from reality. The added value is based on proving how customers appreciate certain things, because they are simply different and that makes them better.

4.I’m close

If you can combine technology and proximity, you can sell with added value, sell what you sell. In addition, this added value is yourself with which it is inimitable, for better or for worse.

5. Minimize expenses

The key is not the low price, as we have already said, but the low costs. If you save on investment, on variable expenses, and time generates more business, your income increases even though it is not the cheapest option, but it is the most comfortable for the client. How? ByComercial is a tool that allows you to start with 100 products without cost, but with the professional technology to create orders, share products, and generate sales easily. With all your products on your mobile or tablet, always accessible without using the internet. With a website to share links of your products on social networks, that you make orders. Your collection system to your liking: bizum, transfer, metallic, before or after delivering the product, … all flexible but professional.

Become a seller online and offline easily generates extra income. Become ByComercial