has artificial intelligence systems to improve the sales of its online shops. These are automatic systems that perceive the customer’s needs and display the products so that the shopping experience and sales are maximised. For example, product display protection systems can perform actions on an individual basis, by action of the shop manager, as well as an automated category and product creation system to improve the customer journey and navigation by taking into account data from previous experiences, forecasts, calendar, random concept, browsing time, and other elements.

These algorithms will allow the user of the shop to improve her sales without having to be an expert in programming or artificial intelligence system.

In any case, this is just an example of some of the systems that are being implemented in the online shop.

The shop manager, as always, will know the sales statistics, product, category, profit, but there is information that cannot be contrasted without having very complex technology, or combined systems, which allow correlations to be established between certain processes carried out by an online shop user, the sale, and the business profit.

Using online shops is comparable to using social networks to boost sales. Advanced technology systems do not allow small businesses to invest in certain tools, such as having your own social network to leverage for your own benefit and sales. You need to use third party tools to achieve optimal results. The same goes for the online shop.

Developing an online shop for a small and medium-sized company, which uses sales knowledge technologies at the same level as a large company could use them, is impossible. You must use a sales system with an online shop that has that element with an affordable investment, but with the possibility to compete within its environment with large marketplaces or online shops of large companies.

Why are we sure we can compete with large companies online?

At we have been specialising for many years in online marketing and in the development of platforms to improve the user experience and sales. That is why we are able to offer a company with a limited investment capacity the possibility to compete in a certain area with large companies.

We are aware that you cannot compete with a large company using the same strategy, but you can use the difference in size as an ally.