If we think about it, human beings have been talking for about 100,000 years or so. Writing is 5000 years old.

The language revolution. Something innate.

Writing is a new technology compared to the voice with which we have been living much longer and is something that our brain generates in a more natural way and is expressed in a more innate way. Whenever we have had to relate to machines we have had to invent either special programming languages that were only within the reach of a few or devices such as a mouse or keyboard to relate to them and the voice is particularly interesting.

It is the first time that the process is the other way around, it is the machine that adapts to our way of speaking as human beings. If, for example, I were a freelancer and I was thinking of uploading a website and I would also like her to be prepared for this new reality of voice, I would take into account the following things in the short term:
What can I do so that when a user picks up a mobile phone asks a question I can answer it easily and efficiently?

Well, first of all you have to do four big things

1- Improve your website experience has to have a load of light has to have a simple content adapted to a fast consumption is a small screen

2- Start thinking about the user when searching by voice in what context they are, at what time of day, what are the most pressing needs and once you have them defined is responding well to those questions. Do I have the content I need to have? Think about what kind of questions what kind of information would my consumer and target user make when they relate to me if they are issues such as opening hours if they are issues such as contact details if they are issues such as the range of products I offer.

Label the voice. Keysounds

Possibly in those points that are absolutely key that it is very interesting to invest effort in that they are adapted to a search by voice that within the webs where they are hosted are well marked are well labeled.
When developing the contents of a website you can put labels that are more easily readable by a search engine than simply a text.
This makes it easier for the search engine to say. In this point of my web I am talking about timetables, in this point of my web I am talking about…, this is my contact phone, etc, and that makes the search engine know how to find it much more easily. That’s going to make it easier for them to read me and respond with an appropriate locution.

3- Particularly to those who have investments in digital marketing it is very important that little by little they begin to work with tools that allow them to collect longer searches or much more what is usually called the long tail.

4- A third of the searches always contain a local element. Thinking that I am prepared to answer local questions I have all the directors with whom I work google my business homogeneously updated because we are going to appear there I am having local content when people ask for a good restaurant ‘in Cordoba’ if I have a restaurant called ‘Cordoba’ I am localizing well that content that I can do in the medium term not only to make my information easily discover them but that

More voice usage utilities appear

In addition it is convenient and interesting to integrate some steps of my business process from my value chain so that they can be activated through voice.
For example, it is not enough that when a user looks for a good restaurant in Cordoba has information. It may also be interesting to allow you to place an order by voice.

Connect and say:

-Listen, this is my menu that you would like to ask for.
-To which address will I send it? Do you want to pay with the usual credit card you use?
These types of transactions are becoming more and more common and you have to get used to thinking with them.

How to develop this transaction through voice?

There are platforms such as actions of google that allow us in a simple way because there are templates for companies that want to try it.
You can program certain dialogues when the consumer wants to talk to my business, I can respond through voice.
86 percent of Spanish users perform a voice search at least once a month and 15 percent say they do it every day. These data are already very relevant and are on the rise.


Although there is a social tendency to believe that profiles or generation determine our behavior, it is really the observation of other people, the behavior we see, that determines what we do.
If we see other people using whatsapp voice audios, it’s safe for us to try it and use it, and this process will be viral.

Entry barriers

If the learning process or the tool itself is simple, the entry barrier is reduced and use improves. More and more there are devices that use voice, even as a unique communication system with which we will be able to relate to voice and will increase exponentially.

Nowadays we associate voice mainly with mobile phones. Talking with mobile phones and that our devices are increasing in number and variety we will see that the ubiquity of voice as a fact, as a means of relationship with technology that will greatly increase the most common searches. For example
-Issues related to sports
-Topics related to television series
-Local information. Approximately one third of all searches on google have a local component.

Almost like a human being

The comprehension of the voice is at such levels of perfection that it is comparable to the comprehension of a human being.
Ninety-five percent of the time a human being will understand and understand what another person is saying to him.
Today, voice recognition has an accuracy of 95 percent and would therefore be comparable to any machine.