1. Selling online
    It uses an online shop, with its own domain, with the possibility of links to different social networks. It is easy, does not require large investments (https://bycomercial.com ) and you can grow little by little.
  2. Sell with commercials
    Use the possibility of using your product catalogue to sell with your own or external commercials (filtering categories, clients,…) and that sell with commission. Simple and cheap.
  3. Sell in a physical shop.
    I have a physical shop, I continue selling in my shop and I give direct advice, advantages of selling on the spot, touching the product, smells, music and everything associated with neuromarketing.
  4. Selling on social networks.
    If I have my online shop you can generate links and use social networks to access or contact potential customers that I can redirect to my online shop.
  5. Everything at once.
    Set up a sales system with everything at once. The future belongs to omnicanality. Every available sales option.