Get your affiliate account from a powerful provider such as amazon, aliexpress, ebay and start earning money by publishing products that in case of sale cause immediate commissions. Your effort will be the promotion, but the sale in its entirety will remain for the online market. It has many advantages: scalable, simplicity, low investment, regularity of payments. We recommend that you read everything on our website about affiliates, sales commissions and the possibilities. The trend is complicated because amazon is very well positioned and it is difficult to surpass it in searches, but it is always possible to create a product comparator, with good recommendations and clarifications, even with powerful articles you can go far. We must also consider that google bets on intelligent indexing, that is, searches that do not create clicks, which hinders the buylinking.

Among the ways to make money with your knowledge is a good first step.

Online shop
It’s all been said, hasn’t it? Well, something is never fully exploited, but ask the gold diggers. Gold is expensive not because it’s scarce, but because it’s hard to extract, like the bitcoin miners.

Your online store that has technological costs of less than 100 euros a year, can always give money. Look for products that sell well in the online market, on demand, for whatever….now in this 2020 we have advanced 10 years in digital education. The path we have achieved allows online sales to become widespread and very profitable in more sectors that previously had little chance. From the hospitality industry,

Sell other people’s products, without stock, without risk, but with after-sales, with the need to convince the customer of the store not of the product.
Corte Inglés model. They put the premises and leave you a space. Symbiosis of public
Carrefour model. You buy in Carrefour the coke.
Commercial model. You only sell other people’s products, because you “like” them.

Selling with commercials
In this case, sales are what matter, the rest is up to the professional person. This system is very interesting if it is automated, because you can sell with a lot of commercials in a simple way. You can make some sell some things and others sell others, without mixing. It is a system that uses technology to manage many people.

I don’t have or want an online store, I am a manufacturer and I give a succulent commission to others to sell for me. But where to look? You can offer yourself on Amazon, Aliexpress, or look for a private individual who sells to you in exchange for a commission for acting as an intermediary.

The marketplaces are simple to use and have everything very square so you do not have to think about anything, just to provide your products. It is an intermediate method with dropshipping because here the shipment may have to be made by yourself, the management with the customer as well, etc. In other cases, no. It has operational advantages, although it is a model that you lose strength over time, and the brand the product etc, is diluted in a larger system.