Selling can be a way of life, but also a way to increase your income. To be feasible, you must have a tool that allows you to advance at the pace of your initiative, without the need for an unapproachable investment. Whether in fashion, kitchen utensils, costume jewelery, cosmetics, decoration, details, … everything is possible in meetings and friendly and informal meetings to offer products, and help make decisions.

Personalized treatment, commitment, recommendations, group approvals … all this makes this type of sales a convenient and direct way to sell.

To do this there are several options on the market

1. Use the WhatsApp
Your network of contacts is always the best reference to get customers and sell. But it is difficult to have products, prices, manage orders, …

2. Sales with 2nd hand app.
Wallapop, milanuncios, … with commissions, without commissions, but undoubtedly tools where you do not control the products, as ordered, the price. They are very easy to use, well known

3. Your own Online Store.
There are online tools to create your online store, but without knowledge of programming or design are not recommended. Expenses of templates, hosting, configuration,

4. With physical catalog.
Venca or Avon are brands that although they have migrated to app or web, do not allow the personalization of the sale. If you use a pdf or printed the only thing you get to spend money.

5. ByComercial
It is the tool designed to sell easily. Upload your products, and sell, with an unbeatable degree of customization. With app.

With bycomercial you can register and create your store in a few minutes, and have everything in 24 hours.