To have the best catalog for commercial sale through mobile or tablet app, you must follow the following steps.

Register as a user You must choose your plan, remember that for 100 products you can choose the FREE version. Once your email is confirmed, you will receive your login credentials (username and password).

2. Access to the administration panel.
Access the place where you controlled everything and start uploading your products, associating them with categories, subcategories, prices, sotck, etc. Remember that there is the option to do it massively using the upload format with .csv

3. Create commercial
Create commercial users and assign clients, categories, etc. These should download the ByComercial app, enter with your login and you can work.

4. Manage Orders
Commercials can create their orders from their profile, and these will be collected in the administration panel.

5. Order the products
A very useful task is to sort the categories and products so that they appear properly in the app, so that the commercials offer them in a preferential way.

Of course there are many more things you can do with the virtual catalog, and that you can consult in our guides, tutorials or online support.