Sales with commercials are on the rise. Having said that, we do not want to disregard any other sales line, which is absolutely essential, either for its individual profitability or for the generation of brand synergies, positioning, and use of trends. But sales with sales representatives is something typical of professional sales, where advice, cross-selling and immediacy are business definitions.

That is why these advantages must be considered

1- Cost savings.
No need to print anything, and spend huge amounts of time and design formats, without knowing the final prices, changes, etc. Impossible to have always updated.

2- Infinite commercials
The sales force lies in the success of the salespeople. The more salesmen, the more sales, in principle. But hiring salespeople is tedious, requires training, and is difficult to control. That’s why any system that allows for the establishment of client-order relationships is positive.

3- Real-time update
All prices, products, categories, etc. are available and can be continuously updated. No errors, controlling stocks, details, etc.

4- Easy to use
Anyone in a few minutes can generate an order.

5- Brand image
Having a cloud system, which can be integrated with an invoice system, external dropshipping, etc, is always a guarantee of a future company, and you will make the difference with your competitors.