The free version allows you to test all the by-product technology with up to 100 products.

-Catalog App
-Online store

This system of multichannel sale allows to have the possibility of sale with commercials and sale through internet. In addition, the online store is B2B and B2C. Special for distributors who also need a web / online store to offer their orders to new or private clients, as well as to professional clients.

What is the difference between an online store and a website for sale to professional clients?
Although the design and the operation of the purchase / order process do not have to be different, there are several differences to highlight:
-Possibility to manage visible stock for the client.
-Generate an order and leave the payment for delivery, or according to needs.
-Control in the same system the catalog app and the web / store.

Is selling B2B the same as B2C?
It is not the same although it has much in common.

-It is not essential to generate the telematic sale, because sometimes the order is sufficient, since the form of payment is previously negotiated.
-The VAT must be disconnected from the visible sale price, because the professional user compares prices without VAT.
– Mass purchase process, which avoids wasted times, with several products, and multicantities.
-Quick shopping with overall vision.
-Buy for other channels: telephone, commercial, …

-Incorporate the shipping costs.
-Precios VAT included.
-Process of visual and simple purchase.
-Safety on payments.

In both cases, the investment to be made is directly proportional to the solvency of the technology to be used. If you want a robust, agile platform, with a low learning curve, it is a considerable outlay.

bycomercial is a B2B and B2C online shop concept, with a virtual catalog option for commercials, all synchronized, easy to use, robust and powerful (much more suitable than wordpress, prestashop, magento, …) where usability and the concept of selling It is a priority, without neglecting security.

In addition, bycomercial, is a SaaS service, where you do not have to make efforts in technological cost, simply use a continuously updated platform, with new modules, services, etc. that improve the trading process.